Отставной свиньи барабанщик (barabanstchik) wrote,
Отставной свиньи барабанщик


We were out for a nice drive on a Saturday. Something we do frequently.

We live in Northwestern Idaho. And today, we drove a short distance to Hauser Lake where we were looking at homes. We were almost done for the day, when my hubby slammed on the brakes and uttered an, “Oh, my G-d!” At first, I couldn’t tell what he was looking at and then I looked up at the flag.

We are used to seeing American flags up and around Coeur D Alene, ID. It’s a beautiful and patriotic slice of heaven here. We frequently see the Marine flag, the P.O.W. flag, the American flag, our Kootenai county flag, the Idaho flag and since we are about 100 miles from the Canadian border – the Canadian flag. But, this is a first. Flying proudly over a beautiful Hauser home was the Soviet Russia flag...

I just felt like crying, because I could imagine a similar flag waving in place of the American flag I love so dearly as our once great nation is swept by the Progressive movement into a dictatorship and abject slavery. What will it take to bring Americans to their feet and to wake them up? The hammer and sickle over the White House? Where are my fellow patriots? Idaho, is this the change you wanted?
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